Mouse scrolling is not smooth while working in MS Office 2013

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  1. MS Office 2013 requires at least 2 GB of memory and 2 CPU. Please check this requirements in the virtual machine configuration > Hardware > CPU & Memory.
  2. Open virtual machine configuration > Switch to Hardware tab > Mouse & Keyboard > Check/Uncheck Smooth scrolling.

    Note: The behavior of the Apple Magic mouse and another mouse can be different with the same configuration.

  3. Also check Microsoft Office options:

    Open Word Options > Advanced > Display, do one or all of the following:

    • Enable the option "Disable hardware graphics acceleration".
    • Disable the option "Update document content while dragging".
    • Disable the option "Use subpixel positioning to smooth fonts on screen".
    • Disable Add-Ins (Bloomberg, as an example).

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