How to automatically open file from Finder in a Windows program?

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When I double-click on the file in Finder (e.g. Book.xlsx) I want it to be opened with Microsoft Office Excel program installed in my Windows virtual machine (or with any other program from Windows).


  1. Open file properties: right-click on the file -> Get Info.

  2. Under Open with: menu item open a drop-down menu and select the needed program. 
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If you don't see the program you want, click Other... and select a Windows program from:

Users/username/Applications (Parallels)/'virtual machine's name' Applications:

If you have several virtual machines with the same program, you will find a virtual machine name in brackets next to the program name.

NOTE: If you cannot find your program from the virtual machine in the drop-down menu, please make sure that option Share Windows applications with Mac is enabled in virtual machine configuration -> Options tab -> Applications.

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