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How much disk space my virtual machine takes on my Mac?

  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Home Edition


  • In Windows virtual machine I see that my disk C:\ has 64GB capacity, does it mean that the same amount of space is taken on my Macintosh HD? How do I verify that?


Parallels virtual machine takes as much disk space as you have data in your virtual machine, and it's all stored in the virtual machine's *.pvm bundle (by default in ~/Documents/Parallels/ folder).

To locate the virtual machine in Finder:

  1. Right-click on Parallels Desktop icon in Dock and choose Control Center (Virtual Machines list in older versions).

  2. Right-click on the virtual machine's name and choose Show in Finder.

  3. Right-click on the virtual machine's .pvm file and choose Get Info

NOTE: visit this KB article if you want to clean some disk space on your Mac: Mac Disk Space Manamegent

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