How to reset Windows user account password?

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Resetting Windows password may violate privacy and should be done on user's own responsibility. Parallels Support team will not apply the below instructions at any circumstances.

NOTE: If you are using Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition, please refer to the KB114193.


NOTE: if you need to reset password for Microsoft account, please refer to this page: Forgotten password and other sign-in problems.


Windows login password misconfiguration.


NOTE: before proceeding with the steps below we highly recommend you to take snapshot of your virtual machine.


Step 1. Get access to Command Prompt on Windows login

Option 1

  1. Boot from Windows 8 or Windows 10 (depending on the Windows version you have installed) installation disk. Proceed to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > cmd, and execute the below command in Command Prompt:


    The output will show information about current Windows installation. Find the string with 'partition=' and check the device letter.

  2. Execute in Command Prompt:

    cd Windows
    cd System32
    copy cmd.exe cmd.exe.original
    copy Utilman.exe Utilman.exe.original
    del Utilman.exe
    ren cmd.exe Utilman.exe

Option 2

Step 1. Replace Utilman.exe

  1. Shutdown your virtual machine. Locate virtual machine's file in Finder.

  2. Right-click on the virtual machine's file -> Show Package Contents.
  3. Open virtual machine's hard disk using Parallels Mounter

  4. Locate mounted virtual disk in Finder. Navigate to *C:\Windows\System32*.
  5. Rename Utilman.exe file to Utilman.original.exe
  6. Rename cmd.exe to Utilman.exe
  7. Unmount virtual disk from Finder.


Step 2. Reset Windows user account password

  1. Boot to Windows. On the login screen click on Ease of Access button to open Command Prompt.

  2. Check available user accounts by executing the command:

    net user
  3. Choose a user for whom you want to change password. Execute the following command:

    net user username newpassword

    where username: desired username, and newpassword: new password for your user account.

  4. Login to Windows using new password.


Step 3. Reverting changes to Windows system files

  1. Once you logged in to Windows successfully, please go to C:\Windows\System32\and rename Utilman.exe back to cmd.exe, and Utilman.original.exe back to Utilman.exe

  2. Remove the snapshot.

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