How to use Mac Bluetooth in virtual machine?

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I would like to connect my Bluetooth device straight to the virtual machine. How can I do that?


The functionality has been implemented since Parallels Desktop 8 to share the Host (Mac) Bluetooth connection with virtual machine.

In order to switch on the sharing:

  1. Open virtual machine configuration > Switch to Hardware > USB & Bluetooth and enable Share Bluetooth devices with Windows:


With Bluetooth sharing you can:

IMPORTANT: On Parallels Desktop 12 due to stability reasons it is not recommended to assign Apple Bluetooth USB Host Controller manually to the virtual machine, please use Share Bluetooth devices with Windows feature as mentioned above.

NOTE: In case Apple Bluetooth USB Host Controller functionality is vital for your experience, please use the instructions from the following article:

Unable to use Apple Bluetooth USB Host Controller in virtual machine

NOTE: The remotely connected Bluetooth device doesn't recognise virtual machine as a separate device, it recognises only Mac.


Supported guest Operating Systems:


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