Adding USB devices through COM port to virtual machine

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  1. Open virtual machine's configuration menu -> go to Hardware tab -> click on '+' -> add Serial Port.

    list of devices
  2. Now you need to choose a source for COM port:


    NOTE: Select port before starting virtual machine.

    NOTE: Bluetooth supports many “profiles” for doing various things (phone headset, address book syncing, file exchange, etc.) One of these profiles is the “COM” profile and is a simple serial port: raw binary data transmit and receive. That’s the profile these Bluetooth serial adapters speak. All Bluetooth stacks on computers appear to support the COM profile.

    • Real serial ports. Select this option to connect the virtual machine's serial port to the serial port of the physical computer.

    • Sockets. Select this option to create and connect the virtual machine's serial port to a socket of the physical computer. Socket is able to work in two modes: as a server or as a client.

    • Choose an output file... Select this option to connect the virtual machine's serial port to an output file. You will be able to locate the file in the next window.
  3. Launch the virtual machine and configure device in guest operating system. For Windows please hit Win(Cmd)+R hotkey -> in Run window type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter/Return.

  4. In the Device Manager window please expand Ports (COM & LPT) menu -> choose desired COM port -> right-click on it and enter Properties.

  5. Here you may configure additional settings of COM port.


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