Unable to use Microphone in Windows virtual machine

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Unable to use Microphone in Windows virtual machine.


The possible reasons might be:

  1. Missing sound device in virtual machine configuration
  2. Lack of access rights for Parallels Desktop in macOS
  3. Windows misconfiguration


  1. Check if the Microphone is working properly on macOS side.
  2. Launch Parallels Desktop but do not start the Windows Virtual Machine
  3. Open its configuration Hardware Sound & Camera
  4. If this device is absent, you can add it to Virtual Machine Configuration, by clicking the "+" sign at the bottom of Configuration window

    list of devices

Provide Parallels Desktop with access to microphone (starting from macOS Mojave)

Allow access to microphone on Windows side

  1. Start Windows virtual machine
  2. Click Windows menu > Settings > Privacy
  3. Select Microphone in the list on the left
  4. Turn microphone access for device to "on" and allow apps to access microphone (in case you are planning to use microphone in Windows applications)
microphone access Windows

Check that microphone does not have issues in Windows

  1. Click Windows menu
  2. Type in "Device Manager" (without quotes) and open Device Manager
  3. Expand Audio inputs and outputs section
    audio inputs and outputs
  4. Double-click Microphone (Parallels Audio Controller)
    microphone status
  5. Check if any error message is listed
  6. Fix microphone issues as described in Microsoft support article


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