Check for available updates in Parallels Desktop for Mac

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To maintain your Parallels Desktop product's security, we recommend installing Parallels Desktop updates as soon as they are available.

To check for updates, click on the Parallels Desktop icon > select Check for Updates...:

If an update for your Parallels Desktop version is available, you will see the option to download and install it.

You can also configure Parallels Desktop to check for updates automatically:

1. Go to Parallels Desktop icon > Preferences > General.

2. Verify that the Download updates automatically check-box is checked.

3. From the Check for Updates drop-down list select how often would you like Parallels Desktop to check for updates.

Links to direct downloads

The latest updates are also available for manual download. Click Download Parallels Desktop below if you are unable to check for updates from within the product.

Download Parallels Desktop

To download earlier versions of Parallels Desktop please refer to KB 5802.

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