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Getting details of Parallels subscriptions and licenses

  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Home Edition
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition
  • Parallels Access


Log in to your Parallels account at and go to the Subscriptions and Licenses > Personal Subscriptions page to browse the list of your subscriptions and licenses.

You can view more details about subscriptions and licenses registered under your account. To do so, click on the subscription from the subscription list.


This opens the Subscription Details page.

This page gives you access to the license keys associated with the subscription, which allows you to activate Parallels Desktop, and enables disabling/enabling auto-renewal for the subscription (only for subscriptions that can be renewed automatically).


The page displays the following additional information about the subscription:

  1. Duration - the duration of the subscription. Typically: 1 year or 2 years
  2. Status - the current status of the subscription, which can be Active, Expired or Grace period

    • Active - the subscription is now active. All products activated by licenses that belong to this subscription can be used without any limitations
    • Expired - the subscription has expired. All products activated by licenses that belong to this subscription cannot be used anymore
    • Grace period - the subscription is in the grace period, which started the next date after the date when the subscription had to renew.

      Possible reason for the grace period: Your subscription was scheduled for renewal on a specific date, but payment has not been received. You have a grace period of 7 days (starting from the date of unsuccessful renewal) to complete the payment. If you don’t complete the payment during this period, all Parallels products and services included into the subscription will no longer function.

  3. Auto-renew - the status of automatic renewal. Possible values are:

    • On - this is an automatically renewable subscription, that has auto-renewal enabled

      You can turn the automatic renewal off by click on the Disable auto-renewal action link on the right

    • Off - this is an automatically renewable subscription, that has auto-renewal canceled

      You can turn the automatic renewal on by click on the Enable auto-renewal action link on the right

      You can enable auto-renewal only for the automatically renewable subscription

    • Non auto-renewable - this is non-renewable subscription

      You will have to purchase a new subscription to continue using Parallels products when this subscription expires

  4. Activation/Start date - the date when this subscription has been activates. Typically the subscription starts:
    • At the date of purchase - for subscriptions purchased online through the Parallels online store or at the App Store (Parallels Access subscriptions)
    • At the date of the activation/registration - for the subscriptions purchased in a box (e.g. the Parallels Desktop Pro Edition box) or in the third-part retail stores and online stores
  5. Next billing date / Expiration date - the date when the subscription will automatically renew (auto-renewable subscriptions) or expires (non-renewable subscriptions)
  6. Keys - activation keys that should be used for Parallels product activation.
  7. Products included into the subscription - name of the product, the quantity of licenses

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