Does Windows come with my purchase of Parallels Desktop for Mac?

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Parallels Desktop for Mac does not include Microsoft® Windows. A license for Parallels Desktop for Mac is the license key that allows you to activate only Parallels Desktop, the license key isn't supposed to activate Windows.

You can purchase a Windows 10 license using the Parallels Desktop interface. Visit the article below for more information.

How do I get Windows 10 to run in a virtual machine?

Or you can purchase it directly from Microsoft's official website:

If you want to buy any other version of Windows or do not have a Windows installation disc or .iso disk image at all, please visit Microsoft Online Store or online retailers such as Amazon.

A list of all compatible Windows versions is available on this page:

Detailed instructions on how to install Windows into Parallels Desktop can be found in KB 4729.

Get Windows 11 in Parallels Desktop for Mac

If you have a Mac with Apple M1 chip, please follow the steps outlined at KB 125375.

If you have a Mac with an Intel processor, kindly review KB 128449.

Get Windows 10 in Parallels Desktop for Mac

Read this blog post to learn how to install Windows 10 easily using Parallels Desktop for Mac: How to Get Windows 10 on Mac with Parallels Desktop.

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