Parallels RAS Management Portal

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Building on Parallels RAS 17, version 19 expands the Parallels RAS Helpdesk portal to provide a modern web-based configuration and administration portal. Parallels RAS Management Portal is designed for administrators using a desktop/laptop computer or a mobile device to carry out configurations and day-to-day activities.

Version 19 provides administrators with the ability to:

Note: More features and capabilities that are currently available in the desktop-based Parallels RAS Console will be included in Parallels RAS Management Portal in future releases until it becomes the main management tool for Parallels RAS. 

Management of Windows Virtual Desktop capabilities included in Parallels RAS Management Portal are experimental and expected to be released in upcoming versions. 


Any modern browser supporting HTML5 such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.

Before installing the Web Administration Service component, make sure that your Windows Server has the following updates installed (RAS Management Portal depends on them):

The web service listens to web requests on the following ports by default. If needed, ports can be changed via configuration as described in KB 124701.


Install the Web Administration Service component using standard Parallels RAS Installer. For larger environments (2000+ concurrent users per farm), we recommend installing Web Administration Service on a dedicated machine. Further information available in KB 124988.

To install RAS Web Administration Service:

  1. Run the Parallels RAS installer.
  2. On the Select Installation Type page, select Custom.
  3. On the next page, select to install the Parallels RAS Web Administration Service component.
  4. Click Next and follow the onscreen instructions.



Once Parallels RAS Management Portal is installed, open a browser on the machine and go to https://localhost:20443/Console/Config

From  the configuration page it is possible to specify the following parameters:

Other settings can be configured as described in KB 124701.

Using Parallels RAS Management Portal

Once the Web Administration Service component is installed, you can access the Management Portal using the URL (with default port): https://<SERVER_ADDRESS>:20443. Management Portal can also be accessed from the Parallels folder in the Start menu:




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