Using RAS Web Administration Portal on large environments

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For larger environments (2000 concurrent connections and more) we recommend using Parallels RAS Web Administration Service component on a separate machine with modified settings in order to decrease the load on Publishing Agent. The full process of installing and configuring this component listed below:


1. Prepare the VM for installing the component, the following specs recommended:

2. To install RAS Web Administration Service component on a dedicated machine, just run RASinstaller.msi > choose Custom, and select the appropriate component.


3. Once RAS Web Administration Service installed, please open the config file (located at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\ApplicationServer\WebAdminService\appsettings.json) and change the following values:

With the settings above, Web Administration Console will act in the same manner as the Desktop RAS Console. Some values or session information could be updated within a couple of seconds delay since the polling interval value has been increased ( in the example above up to 30 seconds). This will guarantee optimal performance. 

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