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Parallels Desktop support code

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I would like to know what a support code is, why I need it, where I can find that and how I should use it.


A support code is a 10-digit number divided into 5-character blocks:


It is generated at the moment you register your activation key for Parallels Desktop.

You will need your support code to submit a request to Parallels Technical Support via email, phone or online chat.

Please check this article to find out how to get technical assistance with Parallels Desktop:

A support code is generated and stored in your Parallels account from the moment you register your Parallels Desktop activation key.

You can find it if you log in at, click on Support, and then switch to Parallels Desktop tab.


Scroll down to Contact Support to find your support code.


If you have not registered your key yet, please register your key.

If your support package has expired you can purchase a support incident. Parallels Technical Support will follow up with you directly shortly after your order for the incident has been completed.

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