MSIX app attach integration

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MSIX app attach is a Microsoft application layering solution that allows you to dynamically attach applications (containerized MSIX packages) to a user session.



• Parallels Remote Application Server v19 with Windows Server 2022 as a RD session host or Windows 10/11 VDI machine. 

• Network share where the MSIX images will be stored. Storage requirements and recommendations are highlighted here

• All computer accounts must have read permissions on the network share where the MSIX images are stored.

• MSIX image located on a network share.



To enable the Application Packages feature

  1. Navigate to Farm > Settings and select the Application packages tab.
  2. Select the Enable Application Packages feature option.

Note:  You can mark specific versions of packages with tags to simplify the package update procedure. There are three pre-defined tags: Production, Pre-production, and Custom. Tags cannot be added or deleted, but you can rename them.

To assign a tag to a package, navigate to Farm > Application packages > right-click your application package > Properties > General > Version tag. You can also enable the automatic installation of certificates on RD Sessions hosts at Farm > Settings > Application packages > Provision package certificates automatically.


To add an MSIX application package to Parallels RAS

  1. Navigate to Farm > Application packages.
  2. Click Tasks > Add (or click the [+] icon) to open MSIX Image wizard.
  3. In the MSIX Image path field, click the ... (Browse) button to select a file from a network share. A UNC path to the file is required, for example, \\SERVERNAME\SHARENAME\DIRECTORY\FILENAME. You can install packages from VHD, VHDX, and CIM images.
  4. In the Package drop-down list select the package that you want to add.
  5. In the Display Name field specify the name that will be used for this package in Parallels RAS. After that, the rest of the fields will be populated automatically.
  6. Click Finish.


To add a package to an RD Session Host:

  1. Navigate to Farm > RD Sessions Host/ Farm > VDI - Pools/Desktops
  2. Double-click an Session Host/Pool/Desktop - this will open the Properties dialog.
  3. On the Application Packages tab, click Tasks > Add (or click the [+] icon). If these icons are grayed out, clear the Inherit default setting option
  4. In the first column to the left, select the package you want to install on the RD Session Host.
  5. In the Version column, select the version of the packages. It is recommended to use the latest versions of the packages. If the selected packages have dependencies, you will see a warning that lists all of them.
  6. Click OK to finish the configuration.



Known Issues and Limitations

• MSIX app attach is supported only on RD Session Hosts running on Windows Server 2022 and VDI machines running Windows 10/11.

• CIM package images discovery requires RAS Connection Broker installed on Windows Server 2022.

• To successfully add a package from a CIM package image, the network share must be located on a server other than the Primary Connection Broker or RD Session Host.

• MSIX app attach doesn't support auto-update for MSIX applications.

• In the current release, Parallels RAS Console does not manage MSIX app attach on Remote PCs, and AVD deployments.

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