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Themes in Parallels RAS is a functionality that defines the look and feel of a client. Since version 17.0 clients can use customizable themes:

Note that other Parallels clients always use the default theme. This may change in future releases of Parallels RAS.

To manage themes, navigate to Farm / <site> / Themes in the Parallels RAS Console. The Themes view in the right pane displays the available themes. The list contains at least one default theme. This theme cannot be removed but you can customize it as needed. In addition to the default theme, you can create your own themes.

To create a new or modify an existing theme:


Common Theme Settings

The Theme Properties dialog opens. Use the dialog to create a new or modify an existing theme. 

The theme settings described below apply to both, HTML5 client and Windows client themes.


Select General in the left pane and specify the following theme properties:


Select Messages in the left pane and specify a post-logon message (up to 500 characters). The post-logon message appears as a message box immediately after the user successfully logs in. The message can be overridden for HTML5 client and Windows client individually (see Messages for each client in the subsequent sections).



HTML5 Client Theme Settings

Panes under the HTML5 client heading allow you to configure theme settings for Parallels HTML5 client. These settings affect how the HTML5 client looks and behaves in a web browser.

Note: To see how your HTML5 client theme looks, click the Preview HTML5 Theme button in the lower left-hand corner of the dialog at any time.


On the URLs pane, specify the following properties:

Please note that the URL described above is the short version, which is easier to remember and use. The full version is "https://FQDN/RASHTML5Gateway/?theme=" + the theme login page name, where "RASHTML5Gateway" is typed as is. If you go to the HTML5 tab of the RAS Secure Client Gateway Properties dialog (p. 64), that's the URL (minus the 'theme name' part) you will see. Both the short and the long versions are equally valid.


The Branding pane allows you to customize the appearance of the HTML5 Client login dialog and the webpage.

The following properties can be customized:


Specify the desired colors for various HTML5 Client elements, such as header, footer, work area, buttons, etc.


On this pane, you can specify pre-logon and post-logon messages:

The messages must be 500 characters or less.

Language Bar

Select languages that will appear in the language selector on the Parallels HTML5 Client page. The selector appears as a language flag icon on the page header to the right of the user name.


Parallels Client for Windows Theme Settings

Panes under the Windows client heading allow you to configure theme settings for Parallels Client for Windows. By configuring a Windows client theme, you can make the client appear to end users as your organization requires.


On the Branding pane, specify the following:


To override the default post-logon message, select the Override post-logon message option and enter a message.

Custom Menu

The Custom Menu pane allows you add a menu item to the Help menu in white-labeled Parallels Client for Windows. For example, if you enter "&Notepad" in the Menu item field and "notepad.exe" in the Command field,  a new menu item will appear under the Help menu in every white-labeled Parallels Client for Windows connecting to this farm. The item will be named Notepad (with the "N" being the shortcut) and it will open the Notepad.exe application when clicked. The Command field can contain an executable name, a URL, or any other command that can be properly executed on a Windows machine. For instance, you can add a menu item specifying a URL of your Helpdesk solution, so your users can easily reach it when needed.

After defining a Windows client theme, you can also create a client package for mass distribution. For more information, see Create Branded Windows Client for Mass Distribution.

When you are done customizing a theme, click OK to save it and return to the Parallels RAS console.

You can also perform the following actions on the Themes tab in the Parallels RAS Console:

When done creating or modifying themes, click Apply in the Parallels RAS Console to commit the changes to Parallels RAS. You can now test the theme by opening its URL in am HTML5-enabled web browser.


Create Branded Windows Client for Mass Distribution

To allow IT administrator to deploy a branded Parallels Client for Windows to end user PCs, Parallels RAS includes the functionality that simplifies the process.

First, you need to create a theme that includes the necessary branding features.  After that, you need to create a Parallels Client for Windows installation package that will use the theme. To do so:

  1. On the Themes tab, click Tasks > Generate Windows Client Package.
  2. In the dialog that opens, specify the following options:
  1. Click Generate. This will create the ClientDownloader.exe file. When you run the file, it will download the latest version of Parallels Client for Windows installer (MSI) and will apply the custom theme to it.

You can now distribute this installer to end users. When they run the installer, it will install the Parallels Client for Windows with all the customizations (start menu shortcuts, desktop shortcut, images and icons) as specified in the Windows client theme.

In the future, if you need to upgrade an installed copy of Parallels Client for Windows to a newer version, you don't need to repeat the instructions described above. Simply upgrade the older version and the branding features will remain intact.


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