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Parallels Remote Application Server 16




RASPrep is the Parallels RAS system preparation tool which prepares an installation of Windows client OS for duplication (imaging). RASPrep personalizes each VDI desktop created from a base image. Comparing to Microsoft Sysprep RASPrep modifies much less configurable parameters.

RASPrep performs the following tasks during the initial startup of each new VDI desktop:

How it works

Parallels RAS Publishing Agent generates a blob by call to NetProvisionComputerAccount under domain admin context (LogonUser/ImpersonateLoggedOnUser), save the blob as base64 string in sysprep xml and send this xml to guest VM Agent. Guest VM Agent calls NetRequestOfflineDomainJoin with blob provided, which sets organization and owner settings in the registry, sets admininistator password and restarts Windows.

This table lists the main differences between RASPrep and Sysprep:

Deleting local accountsNoYes
New SIDs generationNoYes
Unjoining parent guest VM from domainNoYes
Changing computer nameYesYes
Joining the new instance to the domainYesYes
Language, regional settings, date, and time customizationNoYes
Number of reboots12 (seal, mini-setup and domain joining)
Requires unattended file and Sysprep  NoYes

Read more details about NetProvisionComputerAccount at https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/dd815228(v=vs.85).aspx

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