ERROR: Unable to add the virtual machine in %1

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You get the following message when trying to convert your virtual machine:

Unable to add the virtual machine in %1.


The above error appears when Parallels Desktop is unable to convert a virtual machine to the new version because there are snapshots in that virtual machine.


1. Uninstall Parallels Desktop completely:

- Open the installation DMG file
- Double click 'Uninstall' icon
- Click  'Continue' and then select the 'Applications settings'  to be removed as well
- Click  'Uninstall'
- Restart your Mac

2. Install the previous version of Parallels Desktop:
- Re-install Parallels Desktop using your old DMG installation file or the installation CD/DVD.

3. Launch your virtual machine using the newly installed version of Parallels Desktop.

4. Open Snapshots Manager (go to Virtual machine > Manage Snapshots...).

5. Delete all the snapshots.

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