Unified Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Integration: Configuration

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From Parallels RAS you may configure, scale and use Azure Virtual Desktop environment.

There are some prerequisites for Azure Virtual Desktop integration with Parallels RASUnified Azure Virtual Desktop Integration: Prerequisites.

Enable Azure Virtual Desktop Management:



Azure Virtual Desktop Configuration.

1. Add Azure Virtual Desktop Provider:

2. Create a workspace or pick up an existing one:

3. Create an Azure Virtual Desktop host pool:


4. You may create a Template from the same wizard as a Host Pool or manually from Templates tab. These are the main parameters you need to configure:

5. Publish a Desktop or an Application from an appropriate Host Pool.

Note, based on Microsoft policies it is not possible to publish Desktops and Applications from the same Host Pools.

Client side

To launch an application client machine the following requirements should be met:
Client side minimum requirements for Azure Virtual Desktop.

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