What is the difference between Standard and Pro Edition of Parallels Desktop for Mac?

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Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition was designed for developers, web and graphic designers, power users, and other demanding pros.

Whether you are testing applications across platforms, or building websites for many different browsers, Parallels Desktop Pro Edition will simplify your workspace. Productivity is at the heart of every feature that was added to the all new Pro Edition: do more in less time with higher quality.

Parallels Desktop Pro Edition is available as a subscription; you will always enjoy running the latest version of Parallels Desktop as a benefit of your subscription. Pro Edition also includes a no-charge subscriptions to Parallels Access - the easiest way to remotely access your computer from anywhere; and Parallels Toolbox - a set of essential Mac tools.

Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition includes the following features and capabilities:

In addition, Parallels Desktop Pro Edition extends all the features and capabilities of Parallels Desktop for Mac, such as:

Visit the Parallels website for more information on the differences between Parallels Desktop editions.

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