USB and Wireless Printer Support

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Parallels Desktop for Mac is designed to work with printers that require USB 2.0 support. If your printer is more than 5 years old, it may not work with Parallels Desktop for Mac.


To setup a USB or Wireless printer, please complete the following instructions:

  1. Make sure that your printer is connected to your Mac, turned on and ready to print.
  2. Launch Parallels Desktop and log into your Windows guest OS.
  3. Install the driver for your printer into Windows guest OS.
  4. Open Start menu -> Devices and Printers -> Add a Printer -> Local Printer attached to this computer and choose your printer.
  5. Try to print any text.
  6. If the printer doesn't print, in Mac OS, go to System Preferences -> Sharing and make sure that Printer sharing is enabled.
  7. In Windows, open Internet Explorer or any other Internet browser and go to
  8. Download Apple Bonjour for Windows and install it.
  9. Launch Bonjour Printer Wizard using a shortcut on the Windows desktop.
  10. Select your printer from the printers list.
  11. Select Manufacturer: Generic, Model: Generic/PostScript. You may also try to select your particular printer model if the Generic won't work.
  12. Click the check box to set printer as default.

Additional Information

  1. If Bonjour Wizard does not detect printer which is shared and connected to Mac please try disabling Mac OS X firewall: System Preferences -> Security -> Firewall tab -> Allow all incoming connections. After printer is detected and set up you can turn your firewall back on.
  2. If printer wizard says "You do not have sufficient access" please check this Apple KB article:

Make sure once again that no firewall is blocking the Bonjour connection.

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