Window snapping support

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Published desktop or application does not snap to full screen automatically when dragged to the top of screen.

Currently the window can be maximised manually but cannot be made full-screen.

In some cases, maximised resource cannot be dragged to another monitor.

This KB address that issue also.


Add the registry key as described on each of the RDSH server which is affected by the above symptoms.

Note: This key with value will work with Remote Application Server 19.4.0 or later

Path  HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Parallels\MemShell
Key Type  DWORD 32-bit
Name  WinArrangement
Value (decimal)

 0 - OS decides of the arrangement
      Window arrangement and snapping.

 1 - Window arrangement is disabled on Windows 11
      Window docking is disabled on Windows 10

 2 - Window arrangement is disabled

 3 - Window docking is disabled on all OSs


To resume Window arrangement and snapping, set the registry value to "0"

Restart the "RAS RD Session Host Agent" service on the server(s).


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