Deprecation announcement of Parallels Virtualization SDK

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Starting Parallels Desktop version 19.3.0, the Parallels Virtualization SDK is no longer supported and will be removed from public availability with the release of the next major product version. 

Please keep in mind that the Virtualization SDK is not required for:

If you still have a strong need to use the Virtualization SDK, please share your use case with us via the Parallels Desktop Discord channel.


Starting Parallels Desktop 19, using Parallels Virtualization SDK is no longer required to use Packer with Parallels VMs. 

Parallels Desktop 19 adds the ability to send keyboard key events (press/release) using the prlctl command-line tool, e.g.

$ prlctl send-key-event %VM ID% -k,--key %key% | -s,--scancode %scancode% [-e,--event %press|release%] [-d,--delay %msec%]

Note: Explore and feel free to re-use available Packer templates offered on the Parallels GitHub space.


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