Parallels Browser Isolation Frequently Asked Questions

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Parallels Browser Isolation Licensing Guide

      1. Do I need a license to evaluate Parallels Browser Isolation?

         Yes, a license key is necessary. If you don't have one, please contact us at

      2. What’s the user access limit for Parallels Browser Isolation in my organization?

         For trial versions, up to five users and one administrator are allowed. For paying customers, licenses can be tailored to your needs.

         Please contact us at if you need more seats.

         All trial requests will be handled via the product landing page where you can sign up for a trial via the webform.


What's the length of the trial preview period?

The trial lasts seven days, but we can extend this period if needed. Contact us at to learn more about extending your Parallels Browser Isolation trial preview period.


What infrastructure do we need to have to use Parallels Browser Isolation?

This is a completely cloud-based SaaS offering hosted fully on the Parallels Cloud. We only ask you to use your own browser (Chrome is preferred). In addition to the browser, you will require an Identity provider (IdP), such as OKTA, Microsoft Entra ID, SAML etc configured to add users to this offering to use the service.


Can I use Opera or Firefox?

Chrome and Edge are supported in the first release. We are working on extending support for other browsers in coming releases, visit KB130059 to view the list of supported browsers on the current release. 


How much time will it take to set up a Parallels Browser Isolation session?

Parallels Browser Isolation streamlines onboarding and management with an intuitive web-based management portal for granular policy control and real-time and historical insights. You can have your first user session configured within minutes.


Does Parallels Browser Isolation support non-English keyboard layouts?

English layout is supported in the first release. We will incorporate localization support for other Languages in coming releases. Visit KB130060 to learn more.


Can I create custom messaging when enabling the watermarking feature under policies?

In the first release, the watermarking value defaults to show the username and IP address. In future updates, it will be customizable. Visit KB130062 to learn more about the current status.


Feedback and ideas: I have feedback or a great idea for Parallels Browser Isolation. What should I do?

We'd love to hear from you! Please contact your Parallels representative or email us at


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