Parallels DaaS Release Notes

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Parallels DaaS v.20240221 (21 February 2024)

New: Introduced instructional videos to the documentation, offering visual guidance for common tasks and features.

Improved: Temporarily disabled the Application Page in Management Portal during subscription initialization for clarity.

Improved: Improved error messaging for Asynchronous Operation Failures to provide clearer feedback.

Improved: Transitioned from Let's Encrypt to ZeroSSL for certificate creation.

Improved: Made documentation enhancements detailing prerequisites for a better setup experience.

Improved: Positioning of the "More Options" (...) button across several interface pages. 

Improved: Validation on the Workspace Settings page. 

Fixed: Resolved scrolling issues in Mozilla Firefox for both remote app and desktop environments. 

Fixed: Irregular sign-out behavior in Web Client. 

Fixed: Irregular sign-out behavior in Management Portal. 

Fixed: Updated the "Access Restricted" message with the current links to the documentation and FAQs for better guidance. 

Fixed: Addressed an issue where Management Portal incorrectly displayed the dashboard during subscription initialization. 

Fixed: Corrected the absence of an error message when signing in without a Parallels DaaS license. 

Fixed: Synchronized Azure subscription status accurately during disconnection processes. 

Fixed: Ensured user authentication tokens are invalidated upon Azure subscription disconnection for enhanced security. 

Fixed: UI loading issues after Azure subscription disconnection for a smoother experience. 

Fixed: Enhanced the Connection Wizard display in the Management Portal on Safari for consistency. 

Fixed: Eliminated redundant displays of the End User Service Agreement in Google Chrome. 

Fixed: Adjusted Walkthrough alignment in Microsoft Edge for better readability. 

Fixed: Made all user details accessible in the Invite User Wizard for comprehensive management. 

Fixed: Scrollbar styling inconsistencies in Microsoft Edge on Windows and Chromium browsers on Linux. 

Fixed: Removed premature License Expired warnings before sign-in.  

Fixed: Ensured the Sign-In button responds under all conditions for reliable access. 

Fixed: Loading issues on the Virtual Machines page. 

Fixed: Streamlined Subscription initialization and certificate creation processes for efficiency.

Fixed: Redirection issues in the User Management sections after page refreshes for intuitive navigation. 

Fixed: Occasional failures in subscription disconnection 

Fixed: Addressed "400 Bad Request" errors related to oversized request headers or cookies for smoother access. 

Fixed: Prerequisites PowerShell script now detects if PowerShell version is out of date. 

Parallels DaaS General Availability (30 January 2024)

We’re proud to announce Parallels DaaS, a cloud-native, Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution that offers users secure, instant access to their virtual applications and desktop environments. 

Quick, easy onboarding and management: 


System Management: 

User Management: 

User Experience: 


Known issues

To access information on known issues and their resolutions, please refer to the article: Parallels DaaS Known Issues


For any assistance or direct support inquiries, please reach out to our support team by visiting Support | Parallels DaaS

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