How to manage Parallels Client for Windows' appearance

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The Remote Application Server (RAS) V19.3.1 release introduced a Modern UI for Parallels Client for Windows (Client). This appearance will be applied automatically only to a new Client installation, thus to enable the feature for users who upgraded Client - need to make the following changes from the Client- or Server-side.


Once an existed (pre V19.3.1 version) Client upgraded, need to navigate to Tools... > Settings > General > enable "Use modern interface". Optionally, set the appearance to System, Light, Dark.


The interface style could be managed centrally via Client Policies. To configure it, in the RAS Console navigate to Policies > choose a policy and enter its properties > Client options > enable "Appearance". There is a possibility to choose from 3 options:

1. Force Classic interface;

2. Force Modern interface;

3. Allow user to choose (with an option to prompt)

NOTE: the setting is available only for RAS V19.3.1 (server-side).

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