Fix Internet connectivity issues in macOS Sonoma virtual machine in Parallels Desktop 19

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Some of you might have encountered the issue with a macOS Sonoma virtual machine (VM) running on a Mac with Apple silicon having no network connection inside the VM. The issue might happen after starting a VM or after resuming the VM.

The reason of the issue is that the suspend/resume cycle breaks the connector to the Network Address Port Translation (NAPT) daemon.


You can fix the issue by updating Parallels Desktop to version 19.1.1.

Alternatively, as a workaround, if you do not need to use the NAPT connector, please perform the steps below:

1. Shut down your VM (Actions > Shut down) and quit Parallels Desktop.

2. Open Terminal and paste the following command:

$ sudo nano /Library/Preferences/Parallels/network.desktop.xml

Note: to execute the command, you'll need to enter the Administrator password to confirm the execution of the operation.

3. Locate the following string:


and paste the value to make it look like this:


Note: use the arrow buttons on your keyboard to navigate.

4. Press the Control and O buttons on the keyboard to save the changes and then hit Enter.

5. Press Command and Q shortcut to quit the Terminal. Start Parallels Desktop and check if the issue remains.

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