RDP Session intermittently interrupts while running on the remote PC with the external GPU

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1. Intermittent session disconnects

2. Upon reconnection, a user is able to continue work

3. The remote host has an external GPU

4. Parallels Client log

[E 02/00000007/T5F0C/P5E9C/S0001] 02-08-23 19:11:22 - RDP session ended [0x41000011][0x00000011][0x00000003] [MsTscAx] Your Remote Desktop Services session has ended, possibly for one of the following reasons:  The administrator has ended the session. An error occurred while the connection was being established. A network problem occurred.  For help solving the problem, see "Remote Desktop" in Help and Support.



The display driver in the remote session was
unable to complete all the tasks required for


5. A remote side event viewer



Graphic driver crash is causing RDP session to be dropped


Troubleshoot GPU driver crash, e.g install proper GPU driver, for Nvidia this would be Studio instead of game or GDR.

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