Feature flags

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Some features are hidden behind a feature flag in Parallels Secure Workspace and must be explicitly enabled.

These flags are therefore only shared on a need-to-know basis.

This can be the case for a variety of reasons:

These features can be enabled with the API.

  1. Sign in to the Workspace as an administrator.
  2. Then, navigate to this URL: https://<workspace_env>/api/v2/configuration/1/ 
  3. In the output, look for feature_flags.
    For example, the default is:
    "feature_flags": []
  4. At the bottom, click "Raw data".
  5. Replace the entire contents with this (replace "feature1" with the feature name provided by the support team):

     "feature_flags": ["feature1"]

    Note: if in step 3 you had existing features, e.g. "feature_flags": ["feature1"] , you can copy those feature flags and append a new one.

     "feature_flags": ["feature1", "feature2"]

  6. At the bottom, be very careful and hit [PATCH].

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