Template settings location changes in 19.3

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Starting from Parallels Remote Application Server version 19.3 a few provider and Template settings are moved to the host pool.

Host Deployment settings.

This is mostly related to creating clones for all templates and host pool types.

These are the settings moved from the template level to the host pool.

  1. Hostname prefix.
  2. Number of hosts to deploy on wizard completion.
  3. Host power state after preparation.
  4. Delete unused hosts after a long amount of time passes.
  5. Keep available buffer.
  6. Maximum number of hosts.

These changes apply to AVD, VDI, and Remote Desktop Session hosts all three of them.

Here are a few pictures of how the changed console looks.

As we can see Maximum guest VMs, Number of guest VMs deployed on wizard completion, and Guest VM names are moved to the host pool level.

 In the Template Properties Settings tab is moved to the host pool.

There are some changes in the Preparation tab. The computer name section is removed in 19.3. 

For the options Maximum guest VMs, Number of hosts/guest VMs deployed on wizard completion, and Guest VM name, there is a new separate tab created at the host pool level.

A new Wizard was added to the RDSH Host Pool for managing the Host settings and Autoscale settings under the Provisioning section.

For the VDI Templates, the User profile and Security Settings Tabs are moved from the Template to the host pool section of VDI.


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