SAML: invalid response / Signature validation failed. SAML Response rejected

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In the HTTP network requests in the front end, a call to https://<workspace_env>/api/saml returns an error 500 with this JSON response:

{"error": "Signature validation failed. SAML Response rejected"}

In log files, this can be seen:

2022-12-08 10:23:30.267205+00:00 awnode01 awingu-api.service[/opt/awingu/awingu-core/virtualenv/bin/gunicorn:9359]: Encountered errors during SAML authentication: ['invalid_response']


The federation metadata XML is incorrect.

This could simply be wrong, or the federation metadata may have become outdated.


Mind that federation metadata may change over time. For this purpose, it's recommended to point to a URL from which Parallels Secure Workspace can fetch the federation metadata XML.

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