Release Notes for Parallels Secure Workspace 5.6.0

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Parallels Secure Workspace 5.6.0 is a major release containing important changes, bug fixes, performance improvements, and security updates.

What’s New


Awingu is rebranded as Parallels Secure Workspace starting Oct 31. As a part of the rebranding, our users will see changes to the logos, naming conventions, and the default color scheme. The overall user experience will remain the same as Awingu 5.5.

In-product Licensing Terms

EULA in Awingu will be replaced with Licensing Terms and will be available as an in-product feature for both new installations and upgrades.

Default branding is updated

When creating a new domain after an upgrade, the branding will have a new look.


The following documentation is available for this release:

User Manual

Admin Manual 

Getting Started Guide   

URL changes

Mind that some internal URLs have changed. In case you previously only allowed the appliance(s) to connect to specific IPs or hosts, make sure to update your firewall configuration to allow Parallels Secure Workspace to connect to and .

Upgrade Instructions

You can upgrade to Parallels Secure Workspace 5.6.0 from Awingu 5.5.1:

  1. Sign in to Awingu with an administrator account (of an administrative Awingu domain) and make sure that all services on Dashboard are green.

  2. Make sure the host (hypervisor) is not in a stressed state (CPU and disk I/O) and that the memory is not ballooning.

  3. At this point, it is highly recommended to back up the Awingu environment:

    1. Create an environment backup in Awingu.

    2. Shut down the appliance(s) cleanly and make a snapshot/backup.

    3. Make a backup of the database if you are using an external database.

  4. Start up the appliances(s), sign in to Awingu with an administrator account (of an administrative Awingu domain), and wait until all services in Dashboard are green again.

  5. Make sure all Awingu appliances in your environment have internet connectivity (access to

  6. Open System Settings.

  7. On the General Information page, in the section Upgrade Version, select 5.6.0 and click Upgrade.
    The upgrade can take up to 60 minutes per appliance, depending on the disk and network speed.
    Don't refresh the System Settings page.
    Do not reboot your appliance(s) during the upgrade.

  8. When the upgrade is completed, Close System Settings and log out. Refresh your browser before you re-login.

  9. It is highly recommended to reboot the appliances(s) after a successful upgrade.

Fixed bugs



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