OneDrive files (on a drive published on the Workspace) don't open in streamed application

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When an end user opens the Workspace and goes to the Files tab, they try to open a file from a OneDrive share (published through Parallels Secure Workspace). However, this file does not open in a linked remote application. 

Instead, the streamed application does start. However, it does not load the document.

For example, when a user tries to open a .docx file that is located on such a published OneDrive share; Microsoft Word will start and the user will be working in a new document instead.


Files can also be opened with the remote application linked to this file type (except when using OneDrive).

When not using OneDrive, the application server will mount the user's drive and open the specified file in this remote application.



The end users have to open these OneDrive files from within the session on the RD session host.

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