Drive redirection in Parallels Client for Mac OS

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Folder redirection functionality allows you to specify local folders to automatically mount in a remote session.



  1. On the left pane, select connection, right-click on it and select "Connection Properties".

  2. Navigate to "Local Resources" tab, check "Folders" list item than click on "Configure..." button next to it.

  3. Folders which will be redirected can be added and removed by pressing "+" and "-" buttons respectingly. 

  4. Once one or several folders configured for redirection they will appread as a network folder "Drives on %machine_name%" on the remote host, with all of the redirected folders availalble as sub-folders.


Note: For legacy applications which cannot access network folders, but can access netwrok drives you can map "Drives on %machine_name%" as a network drive.

To do so, simply map "\\tsclient\Drives\" as a network drive.


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