Migration of Awingu license to Parallels My Account. Frequently asked questions.

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Frequently asked questions about migration from the Awingu license portal to Parallels My Account

When's the exact date of switch? How will I be notified?

We expect the transition to be performed over the weekend of June 17-18, and are confident the migration process will cause minimal service interruptions (if any) for our customers and partners. However, should there be any issues, we will strive to maintain business continuity and our customers and partners will be duly informed of our progress in any given situation. Our 24/7 customer support team will be ready to assist you in the unlikely situation of things not going according to plan.


Will my Awingu portal account be migrated to Parallels My Account?

Yes, the users who had accounts in the Awingu license portal will be automatically pre-registered in Parallels My Account. All of your organization’s active subscriptions and licenses will become available to you after you register in Parallels My Account using the same email address that you used at my.awingu.com.

To register at Parallels My Account:

  1. Visit Parallels My Account at https://my.parallels.com.
  2. Select the I am a new user option.
    Do not sign in with a third-party identity provider.
  3. Enter your first and last name, email address, and password.
    Use the same email that you used at my.awingu.com.
    It is recommended that you use a new password.
  4. Click Sign Up to continue. You will see a dialog prompting you to read the Parallels Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
    You will find these documents on the next page. Click Continue.
  5. Read Parallels Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and if you agree, click I Agree.
    You will then be taken through the account verification process.
  6. At the same time, you will receive an account confirmation email. Click on the link provided in the email to confirm your identity.
  7. After clicking the link, you will be redirected back to Parallels My Account. Return to the tab where you started verification.
  8. In the Configure two-step verification with authenticator app section, click Configure Two-Step Verification.
  9. Follow the displayed instructions to configure two-step verification and click Verify and Continue.
  10. Save one-time rescue codes to a safe place and click OK.
    You will be redirected back to Parallels My Account.
  11. Click Continue.

After this, you will be automatically added as an account administrator of your organization's business account. You will be able to manage subscriptions and licenses and add new users to your organization's business account.


How will my renewal process change?

Follow these steps to renew or upgrade a subscription, or maintenance & support plan with Parallels My Account:

For more information, see the Awingu Licensing Guide.


Will there be an interruption to my service?

During the migration, usage of the license portal for my.awingu.com will be suspended but your Awingu instances will continue working as usual. However, no new activations can be created during the migration because access to the legacy license portal will be suspended for several hours. After the switch, users will be redirected from my.awingu.com to my.parallels.com.


Will we receive new keys or keep the existing ones?

The registered legacy subscriptions and licenses for all customers will be copied from the legacy license portal at my.awingu.com to Parallels My Account automatically. The keys can then be viewed in Parallels My Account.

If you have unregistered but valid product keys for the legacy Awingu license portal, you can exchange them for new license keys valid for Parallels My Account at Awingu Unactivated Product Keys exchange form.
Follow the instructions on this page for exchanging the unregistered product keys with the new license keys.


How will I open a support ticket?

To open a support ticket:

  1. Sign in to Parallels My Account at https://my.parallels.com.
  2. Click on Parallels Awingu.
  3. Click the category that best suits your inquiry. 
  4. Type a short description of your issue and click Request Support.
  5. Select your preferred way to contact Support and proceed accordingly.

Can I see my customers’ tickets? If so, how?

If the license is registered on your customer’s business account instead of your own business account, the customer can invite a representative from your organization to their account as a license administrator. In this case, your representative can submit and browse existing tickets submitted by the customer. For more information, see the Awingu Licensing Guide.


Will I still have the same types of subscriptions and licenses, or will they change to a different licensing model?
For example, will trial and, NFR licenses exist?

The licensing model will not change, with an exception for multi-term licenses. All legacy subscriptions and licenses will be copied to Parallels My Account and converted to the Parallels license model. Multi-term licenses will be aligned to the end date of the latest term. All flags in existing licenses will be kept the way they are currently set in the legacy system.

License types
Legacy Awingu portal Parallels license portal Notes
Awingu trial Short-term trial subscription No changes
Awingu subscription Subscription (always single-term) The Maintenance & Support plan is included for the entire period of the subscription.
Awingu NFR Subscription with the NFR flag set No changes
Awingu Pay Per Use SPLA subscription No changes
Awingu Perpetual license Perpetual license The Maintenance & Support plan for at least the first year is included. Renewal of the Maintenance & Support plan is optional.


Where can I get documentation on the new Parallels My Account portal?

We will provide a migration guide for our customers and partners.  It will be housed in the knowledge base (KB) section along with this FAQ. Our Licensing Guide will be available on my.parallels.com in the support section and also publicly available on parallels.com. 

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