How to activate or deactivate RAS Farm by Powershell

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1. RAS Powershell module is installed on the machine where cmdlets will be performed

2. Network access to the RAS Connection broker (in case of RAS Powershell module is installer remotely) port reference.

By default, the RAS PowerShell module is installed on the RAS Connection broker along with RAS Console and other components


1. Open Powershell (or create a script by Powershell ISE or any available)

2. initiate a session and execute the following cmdlets:

Import-Module RASAdmin

<# Connect to localhost RAS Connection Broker#>

<# Admin's email of MyAccount#>

$email = ''

<# Password to this account#>
$password = ConvertTo-SecureString "password" -AsPlainText -Force

<# Parallels RAS license key to be used#>
$key = '123456-QWERTY-ASDFGH-ZXCVBN-123456'

<# Activate the RAS Farm#>
Invoke-RASLicenseActivate -email $email -Password $password -Key $key

3. Run the cmdlet to get the licensing data and verify that the license was applied correctly


4. Deactivation is performed in the same way, but using Invoke-RASLicenseDeactivate cmdlet

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