Managing remote PCs with Parallels Remote Application server 19.

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Remote PC pools is a Parallels RAS feature that allows you to create pools of standalone (preferably domain-joined) PCs and optionally assign them to specific users. The Remote PC pools functionality is integrated into RAS VDI to take advantage of the infrastructure that already handles host pools. It allows adding Remote PCs either from a list stored in .csv file or from Active Directory Organizational Unit. In the last case, the pool membership will be updated dynamically whenever you add new computers to the OU.

To add a new Remote PC Pool please do the following:

Add a Provider:

1. Go to RAS ConsoleFarm Site -> Providers and click on the Plus icon:

2. Select one of the following:

3. In the wizard that opens, specify the following:

4. Click the Manage Credentials button to specify the accounts that will be used to deploy RAS agents.

5. Click the Advanced Settings link to open the Advanced Provider Settings dialog. The dialog allows you to choose the following options:


6. Click Next.

7. The wizard will display the new Provider information and will indicate the RAS Provider Agent status. If everything is OK, click Next.

8. If you selected Remote PC dynamic in step 2, specify the following:

Note: When using a dynamic assignment, Remote PCs must be domain-joined. You cannot manage such PCs using a local Windows user account.

When you use the dynamic assignment, you have the option to install RAS Guest Agent on every PC by adding a Group Policy to the organizational unit with a script to deploy RAS Guest Agent.

The following is an example of the such a script: msiexec /i RASInstaller-.msi ADDLOCAL=F_GuestAgent /qn+ /norestart

9. If you selected Remote PC static in step 2, do one of the following:


Parallels RAS 18 (and newer) supports a maximum of 1000 Remote PCs per Provider.

Note: To be manageable, Remote PCs should be domain-joined. In case of static assignment described here, it is possible to add non-domain joined PCs, but you will have to create the same local user account on each and everyone of them. Using a domain account and domain-joined PCs is recommended.

10. Click Finish.

Adding Remote PCs to a Provider:

You can add Remote PCs to a Provider in two ways:

To add Remote PCs to a Provider after it has been created:

  1. Right-click a Provider that you created and choose Properties.
  2. Select the Remote PCs tab.
  3. Add a Remote PC as described in steps 8 and 9 in Adding a VDI Host.

Adding Remote PCs to a pool:

Note: To be managed in a Remote PC pool, a Remote PC must have RAS Guest Agent installed.

Once you assigned PCs to a Provider, you can add them to a Remote PC pool as follows:

  1. In Farm > Site > VDI, select the Pools tab.
  2. Add a new pool by clicking Tasks > Add in the Pools pane.
  3. Select the pool that you've created and then in the Members pane, click Tasks > Add and choose one of the following:

Once you add one or more Remote PCs to a pool, they will appear in the Pool management tab and in the Desktops tab.

Tip: If you need to disable the pool for maintenance, you can do so by clearing the checkbox in front of the pool name.


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