Automatic cost optimization for AVD storage

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Starting with Parallels RAS v19.2, it is possible to automatically optimize the storage type of managed Azure Virtual Desktop hosts to reduce operating costs. 

Cost optimization allows you to configure a provider to automatically change the type of the used managed disk to Standard HDD for VMs that are not currently in use. When a VM is started, the managed disk is automatically changed to the original type. This feature allows you to reduce the costs of maintaining VMs.

To enable storage cost optimization:

  1. Right-click a provider in the list and choose Properties.
  2. In the provider properties window, select the Advanced tab.
  3. Select the Enable disk storage cost optimization option.
  4. Select the desired option in the Set timeout before enabling the storage cost optimization drop-down list.
Changes to storage types are applicable when Parallels RAS manages the power off and power on of Virtual Machines. If VM power management, such as power on, is done outside the RAS managment console, VM storage type would not be automatically changed to original state. 

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