Configuring Parallels Client to share connection details/credentials across multiple users of same PC

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Starting with Parallels Client 19.2 it is possible to share connection configuration of Parallels Client between multiple users of same Windows PC. 

To install Parallels Client with shared connection configuration, the following command is to be used:

msiexec.exe /i RASClient.msi shareddevice="mode:settingsstring"
Mode Action Description
0 Delete Delete any shared device information, existing shared connections will be deleted by the client when it is started.
1 Share connection Create a shared connection and shared connection information (i.e. server, port, mode, backup connections, connection mode)
2 Share connection + credentials Create a shared connection and shared connection information (i.e. server, port, mode, backup connections), and user name and password. Connection mode is assumed to be credentials.


Settings string Description
ui bring ui the UI to enter the shared connection / credentials information
import connection / credentials imported from a specified xml file

connection / credentials exported to the xml file


msiexec.exe /i RASClient.msi SHAREDDEVICE="1:ui" - GUI installation of Parallels Client, any connection details entered will be shared across all users of PC. 


msiexec.exe /i RASClient.msi SHAREDDEVICE="2:export:c:\my data\my file.xml" - will install the Parallels Client and display a GUI window to be filled with connection details, once entered .xml file will be generated on the c:\my data\


msiexec.exe /qn /i RASClient.msi SHAREDDEVICE="2:import:c:\my data\my file.xml" - silent installation of Parallels Client with connection details and credentials imported from the c:\my data\my file.xml

Note: the parameters are case-sensitive

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