Bonus Parallels Toolbox subscription is now included with WinZip Suite

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When you purchase a WinZip Suite subscription, you also get a Parallels Toolbox subscription for the entire duration of your WinZip Suite license. Note that your bonus Parallels Toolbox subscription fully depends on the WinZip Suite. 

In this bundle, a partial refund for the Parallels Toolbox is not available. If you want to cancel or refund your Parallels Toolbox subscription, you'll have to cancel or refund the WinZip Suite subscription. For that, please refer to your account page in WinZip Suite.

Cancellation of the WinZip Suite subscription will also cancel the bonus Parallels Toolbox subscription. 

When you renew your WinZip Suite subscription, the Parallels Toolbox subscription will renew automatically with it. To continue using Parallels Toolbox without WinZip Suite (or if you need an additional Toolbox license), purchase a new license on the Parallels website:


For issues with the WinZip licenses (renewals, refunds, cancellations) please contact WinZip Support:

For performance and activation issues with Parallels Toolbox please contact Parallels Support:

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