Changing external database settings

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It is not possible to alter this directly in the GUI.

Go through this procedure:

  1. In case of a multi-node environment: remove all nodes except one, which has a front-end role, back-end role and only in case Awingu uses an internal database: the database role.
  2. Create an environment backup through Awingu's System Settings and download it from the appliance using SFTP.
  3. Power off the remaining single node.
  4. Download the exact same version of Awingu: Download Awingu appliance .
  5. Go through the installation wizard and upload the environment backup. During the next steps, it's possible to adjust settings such as IP addresses, hostnames, credentials, ... . They will be prefilled, but can be altered.
  6. In case of a multi-node environment: don't forget to add the extra nodes again.

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