Configuring the intervention password

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The intervention password is something you should provide to the support team if a remote SSH intervention is requested.

Option 1
When System Settings is fully accessible: navigate to System Settings > Global > General info: Remote Support. Either generate a new intervention password which will be shown, or disable it.

Option 2
Requires access to the console of the virtual machine (VM).
In the console, you should also be able to configure it using the VM's console.

Option 3
Requires access to the API.
- First sign in as an Awingu admin.
- Next, navigate to https://<your_awingu_env>/api/v2/configuration/generate_intervention_password/ to generate a password or https://<your_awingu_env>/api/v2/configuration/disable_intervention_password/ to disable the password by clicking the [Post] button at the bottom.

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