Users cannot see the Files tab in Awingu

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The Files tab is not visible in the user's workspace.


The user lacks permissions.


  1. As an Awingu admin, go to System Settings > Configure > Features.
  2. Here, 3 features influence whether the Files tab is visible or not:
    • Files (access to back-end file servers)
    • File sharing (access to files shared within Awingu with users of the same Awingu domain and the ability to share with those other users)
    • File sharing publicly (access to files shared within Awingu and the ability to share publicly)
  3. For the Files tab to be visible, the user needs at least one of the above permissions.
    For the appropriate feature(s): check whether the necessary user labels are added.
    Either the specific user's label needs to be added, or the user needs to be member of a group of which the label is specified.

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