Authentication for user failed: Pre-authentication required / No redirection to external Identity Provider (IdP)

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Pre-authentication redirection to the external Identity Provider (IdP) is not working, the Awingu login screen stays visible instead.
An error "Authentication for user failed: Pre-authentication required." is displayed when the user tries to sign in.


This issue is usually caused by a lack of host headers set in the Awingu domain configuration.


Log in using the built-in management user of the Awingu appliance.
Alternatively: if multiple domains are configured in the Awingu environment, log on (as an administrator) to an administrative domain in Awingu where pre-auth is not required.

Go to System Settings > Global > Domains and select the affected domain.

Edit the domain and ensure the Host Headers field is configured. This needs to be set with the FQDN of the URL that is used to access Awingu in the browser.

When users are accessing the environment using this URL, Awingu needs to redirect the user to an external IdP for pre-authentication/Single Sign-On (SSO).

After configuring this setting, try navigating to the Awingu URL. You should be redirected to the external IdP.

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