Providing access to Microsoft SharePoint on-premises through Awingu

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There are two methods of using SharePoint with Awingu, in order to provide access to users to the company Sharepoint site from any device, anywhere, securely.

Option 1

Microsoft SharePoint can be published as a Remote Application in Awingu. This way, it runs on the RDS servers. This can be done by publishing a browser as a Remote Application in the Awingu environment and configuring this to open the Sharepoint URL automatically. This can also be done in "kiosk" mode so that users do not see the usual browser controls. This will ensure that all data of the Sharepoint site stays in the company servers and does not directly reach the client device.

Option 2

Configure the Awingu appliance to act as a reverse proxy for the SharePoint web app (when users are authenticated into Awingu). For this, you must have a SharePoint site available that is configured to use only BasicAuth (rather than the default NTLM/Windows Auth). It is possible to publish your Sharepoint site a second time with only BasicAuth. Then publish the SharePoint site as a reverse proxied web application in Awingu.

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