MSIX app attach integration

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MSIX app attach is a Microsoft’s application layering solution that allows you to dynamically attach applications (containerized MSIX packages) to a user session.


• Parallels Remote Application Server v19 with Windows Server 2022 as a RD session host.

• Network share where the MSIX images will be stored. Storage requirements and recommendations are highlighted here

• All RD session hosts (computer accounts) must have read permissions on the network share where the MSIX images are stored.

• MSIX image located on a network share.


To enable the Application Packages feature:

1 Navigate to Farm > Settings and select the Application packages tab.

2 Select the Enable Application Packages feature option.

3 Optionally, you can mark specific versions of packages with tags to simplify the package update procedure. There are three pre-defined tags: Production, Pre-production, and Custom. Tags cannot be added or deleted, but you can rename them. To assign a tag to a package, navigate to Farm > Application packages > right-click your application package > Properties > General > Version tag. You can also enable automatic installation of certificates on RD Sessions hosts at Farm > Settings > Application packages > Provision package certificates automatically.

To add an MSIX application package to Parallels RAS:

1 Navigate to Farm > Application packages.

2 Click Tasks > Add (or click the [+] icon) to open MSIX Image wizard.

3 In the MSIX Image path field, click the ... (Browse) button to select a file from a network share. A UNC path to the file is required, for example \\SERVERNAME\SHARENAME\DIRECTORY\FILENAME. You can install packages from VHD, VHDX, and CIM images.

4 In the Package drop-down list select the package that you want to add.

5 In the Display Name field specify the name that will be used for this package in Parallels RAS. After that, the rest of the fields will be populated automatically.

6 Click Finish.

To add a package to an RD Session Host:

1 Navigate to Farm > RD Sessions Host.

2 Double-click an RD Session Hosts - this will open Properties dialog.


3 On the Application Packages tab, click Tasks > Add (or click the [+] icon). If these icons are grayed out, clear the Inherit default setting option.


4 In the first column to the left, select the packages that you want to install on the RD Session Host.

5 In the Version column, select the version of the packages. It is recommended to use the latest versions of the packages. If the selected packages have dependencies, you will see a warning that lists all of them.

6 Click OK to finish configuration.

Known Issues and Limitations

• MSIX app attach is supported only on RD Session Hosts running on Windows Server 2022.

• CIM package images discovery requires RAS Connection Broker installed on Windows Server 2022.

• To successfully add a package from a CIM package image, the network share must be located on a server other than the Primary Connection Broker or RD Session Host.

• Windows 11, Windows 10 version 2004 or later are supported from an MSIX app attach perspective, however it cannot be managed by Parallels RAS.

• MSIX app attach doesn't support auto-update for MSIX applications.

• In the current release, Parallels RAS Console does not manage MSIX app attach on VDI, Remote PCs, and AVD deployments.

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