Does Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS support Chrome OS Flex?

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Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS is the result of cooperation between Google and Parallels that enables Chrome OS devices to run full-featured Windows applications. We are proud to be working with Google as more and more Chrome OS devices are added to the list of supported configurations. Our focus is on making Chrome OS customers more productive and resolving any issues they may have with using Windows apps. 

Google has recently presented Chrome OS Flex, a great new operating system that targets low-end hardware. Such computers (both personal and Macs) are usually not capable of virtualization. So currently Chrome OS Flex does not support Parallels Desktop. For more information, you can also see this article

However, things may change in the future, and it might become possible to enable Parallels Desktop on more powerful devices with Chrome OS Flex. Please click Get Updates above and become the first to hear the news. 


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