PSUP is unable to get MDM link information from Proxy

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11-17 09:04:11.159 D /SvcLocator:6128:1e8c/ Searching in 'GC://'
11-17 09:04:11.166 D /SvcLocator:6128:1e8c/ Attempting to get SCP for 'LDAP://CN=PmaConfigMgrProxy-XXX,CN=ParallelsServices,CN=System,DC=domain,DC=com'...
11-17 09:04:11.175 D /SvcLocator:6128:1e8c/ Found SCP 'LDAP://CN=PmaConfigMgrProxy-XXX,CN=ParallelsServices,CN=System,DC=domain,DC=com'
11-17 09:04:11.176 D /RpcClientCpp:6128:443c/ Connecting to 'sccm01.cune.pri' (fe80::1111:1111:111:ed11%1)...
11-17 09:04:11.177 D /RpcClientCpp:6128:443c/ Successfully connected to 'fe80::1111:1111:111:ed11%1'
11-17 09:04:11.204 D /MdmSuCatalog:6128:1e8c/ Unable to get mdm link parameters for isv proxy @ '': Endpoint replied with status 13 and message 'Permission denied'


11-17 09:04:54.883 D /CmProxyUtils:17224:33b4/ Binding to 'LDAP://CN=PmaConfigMgrProxy-XXX,CN=ParallelsServices,CN=System,DC=domain,DC=com'
11-17 09:05:10.300 D /Certs:17224:2644/ Client's 'PMM SUP Service' SMSID signature is empty for 'd112e3scs4r394r8f0f1d25d3fkddfkjhfdkj269c88'
11-17 09:05:10.415 W /AzManWrap:17224:d38/ Access check error 5 for operation id 4000: 80070005 (Access is denied)
11-17 09:05:10.415 D /AuthzManager:17224:d38/ Access to 'RequestMdmServiceLocation' denied for 'SUP_Service_Account' (Access is denied)
11-17 09:05:10.415 W /RpcServerUtils:17224:d38/ Request 'RequestMdmServiceLocation' from '': 401


Parallels OS X Software Update Point service account should be added to Administrator role at Proxy Configuration Wizard.


Configure RBAC for (SUP_Service_Account) service account that is used for Parallels OS X Software Update Point service (pmm_sup_service).

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