Upgrade to Windows 11 from an expired Windows 10 Insider Preview build

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Since Windows 10 Insider Program is over, Windows 10 Insider Preview builds will expire on October 31, 2021 and display the "This build of Windows will expire soon" message: 

This article provides instructions on how to update to Windows 11 to continue using Windows on a Mac with Apple M1 chips.


Check for Parallels Desktop updates

First, make sure you are using the latest Parallels Desktop version: on the Mac menu bar click || > Check for updates). If you've found an update, install it.

After installing the update, resume Windows and follow the automatic Parallels Tools update process, then shut down Windows.

Add a virtual TPM chip

Make sure you have a TPM chip enabled:

  1. Shut down Windows (Actions > Shut down)
  2. Open configuration settings > Hardware
  3. Scroll down the hardware list and check if the TPM chip is added:
  4. If not, please click "+" and select "TPM chip" > confirm adding the TPM chip.
  5. Once the TPM chip is added, close the configuration window and start Windows.

Check for Windows updates

Once the TPM chip is added, open Windows Settings > Windows Update > check for updates to upgrade to Windows 11 Insider Preview.

If Windows can't find the update, create a new Windows 11 virtual machine as described in KB 125375.

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