Software installer reported '12' status (INSTALL_FAILED)

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A deployed application doesn't get installed.

pma_agent.log has entries like these:
10-14 16:35:41.597 I /Std:131:103/ Entering state 'Final'
10-14 16:35:41.597 D /AppManagerAgent:131:103/ Software installer reported '12' status (INSTALL_FAILED) for 'ScopeId_DB5E6DC1-07F0-49C7-9DFF-FC0C587B6D7A/Application_2c86b0c3-b190-4bff-aa00-bed7c5bc0f64/2/2'
10-14 16:35:41.597 I /Std:131:103/ Exiting state 'Installing'
10-14 16:35:41.599 I /Std:131:103/ Entering state 'NotInstalled'


The command line specified for the app is invalid. It can be found in the log as well:

10-14 16:35:38.728 D /SoftwareInstaller:131:103/ Created package installer 'ScopeId_DB5E6DC1-07F0-49C7-9DFF-FC0C587B6D7A/Application_2c86b0c3-b190-4bff-aa00-bed7c5bc0f64/2' with cmdline '/usr/bin/ditto "Google" "/Applications/Google":rm -rf "/Applications/Google":', mount basedir '/Library/Caches/com.parallels.pma.agent/dmgmounts/Content_be9a055d-16ab-4aa4-b045-b9eda04a133c/1'
10-14 16:35:38.728 D /PolicyTools:131:103/ Installation command line = '/usr/bin/ditto "Google" "/Applications/Google":rm -rf "/Applications/Google":', is installing = 0

In this particular case, the command line is missing a colon character at the beginning of the string. Colon is used as a delimiter to separate installation and uninstallation commands, and the command line must include three of them: one at the beginning, one between commands, and one at the end.

The correct command is :/usr/bin/ditto "Google" "/Applications/Google":rm -rf "/Applications/Google":


Please modify the installation program in the Deployment Types and deploy it anew:

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