How to add new Vendors and Atributes to be configured in RAS Radius

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In order to configure RAS Radius with specific Vendor and add Attributes go to:

RAS Console > Connection > Multi-factor authentication > specify Radius > Settings > Attributes > add >  choose any preconfigured Vendor and Attribute

In certain scenarios you need to add Vendors and Attributes that are not presented by default.



1. Navigate to installation folder of RAS. By default it is C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\ApplicationServer\

2. find RadiusAttr.def and open it with any test editor such as Notepad, Notepad ++ and etc.


Vendors section

The vendor section has a count with represents the number of vendors configured.

Each vendor has an ID and a Name as follows.

count = 10    
3_name=Cisco VPN 5000



Vendor Attributes section

Each vendor has a section titled with the corresponding vendor ID.

You can find a count of attributes and then the name and type for each attribute.

Possible attributes are as follows:

0 Numeric
1 String
2 IP v4
3 Time


count = 2
0_id = 4
0_name = CVPN5000.VPN.GroupInfo
0_type = 1
1_id = 5
1_name = CVPN5000.VPN.Password
1_type = 1


Adding Global Attributes

If you require to add global attributes please do the following

  1. go to section zero and change the count to the new value required e.g. here we are adding a new attribute:

    count = 21

  2. Add the attribute(s) information

    20_id = 24
    20_name = State
    20_type = 1

  3. Add the attribute in RAS settings




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